Whats wrong with wanting a zero rate ‘increase’.

It’s interesting that Hastings District Councillor Kerr had her pro rate-increase letter published. (Hawkes Bay Today Sept 2nd) It was a pot-shot at people like me who think its time the sp[ending was brought under control that only sensible projects should impact on rates and yes stop these incessant rate increases. I’m one of those candidates in the current Hastings Council elections who is an unashamed advocate of zero rate increases. And what’s wrong with that as a target?
At least I’m prepared to stand up and say we can get rates under control rather than the 10 years of rate increases that Cr Kerr has voted for.
What we really need is better management and control of the rates. Imagine what work could have been done on the rural roads (that Cr Kerr grandly quotes), if she hadn’t voted in favour of the million-dollar waste on the Craggy Range track removal.
The team that the Councillor needs to work with is the Hastings district community, not her bunch of big-spending pals.
One thing Cr Kerr and I do agree on is go to my website stuartperry.co.nz and check out the ‘promises’. Just common-sense and listening to the ratepayers there.

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