Stuart Perry, a candidate in the mayoral By-election and subsequent councillor by-election has confirmed he will be standing for a council position in the coming local body elections.

‘The mayoralty was another consideration and there have been a number of people who have suggested I should stand again.’

’I gave it serious consideration as I do want to see a change in direction in the way the district is being run, the way our rates are being spent and the contempt for democracy.’

‘However, with two candidates already declared, I don’t want to see the vote split and the status quo remain. I like Damon Harvey, he’s been a strong Councillor and would bring a fresh approach to the Mayoralty.’

‘In saying that, we do have very different positions on a number of issues, but none that I believe we couldn’t work through with Damon as Mayor.’

‘I’ve been very outspoken on issues such as water chlorination, waste disposal and recycling, gifting voting rights to non-elected people to standing committees and abuse of the democratic process.’

‘What worries me the most however has been the excessive waste of the ratepayers funds. The obscene waste of money on the Craggy Range Track, spending huge sums of money on consultants to get the answers council wanted to justify cutting down healthy trees, and all the while pushing rates up while the majority of ratepayers and residents struggle to make ends meet.’

‘There are some very positive steps we can take to cut council spending but still maintain a high level of service, it just takes some imagination, initiative, some common-sense thinking and the will of a group of new councillors around the table.’