Summary of issues

Water, rates, main street and commercial development, Tourism and Economic development I decided to stand for council because we have so many issues that need to be addressed.  There are Councillors who have been there for over 20 years and while I respect experience, if you cant get the job done in two terms, you […]

Standing for Mayor

You may recall I was a candidate in the Mayoral by-election. I decided to stand in this election and contest the Mohaka ward, where Jenny and I have a small orchard.
My decision to stand is driven by the anger ratepayers have for the poor decision-making processes in the present Council, a lack of accountability and the appalling waste of ratepayers funds.
I feel that it is time council returned to the basics – doing a professional job of delivering the core services such as providing safe drinkable water.
As ratepayers, I believes we deserve better and when looking at the millions wasted over the water fiasco, there has got to be some accountability at the top. While I’m not into pointing fingers, the existing council must take collective responsibility for some of these ludicrous decisions.

I don’t believe it is unrealistic to look at how rates can be reduced and redirected at services that make a positive difference in the lives of ratepayers and keep spending under control.
“By mentioning rate reductions, I’m sure they will trot out the old hoary chestnut of ‘what services will be cut’ but the reality is that in Hastings is there is a lot to be done to revitalise the district both in the commercial and the rural sectors.
Jenny and I have a life-style block and are developing a small orchard in the Crownthorpe area.
I have over 30 years of management experience and held executive roles in District Councils in New Zealand and Australia. My field of expertise has been Economic and Tourism development and I also headed a government tourism body in the Pacific Islands.
‘I’ve seen some unbelievable decisions in the many councils I have had association with, this council is no different and quite frankly the ratepayers deserve better.’
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